Twilight Turtle

This product is NO LONGER available.

Twilight Turtle: no child will be afraid in the dark anymore with the Twilight Turtle. Every child will be eager to go to sleep!

Twilight 2The Twilight Turtle is a cute turtle that projects a sky with stars. In this way it creates a evening with soothing lights, your child will never be scared in the dark. Besides soothing and relaxing it is very educative. It projects 8 constellations on the ceiling. You will teach your child easily what constellation are projected and have a lot of fun with your child. That’s not all, it also projects in three different colors.

The Twilight Turtle projects in blue, green and yellow lights. You can set the lights to fit your interior or adjust it on the mood of your child. Of course it can be adjust by your child’s favorite color. In short, the Twilight Turtle creates joy and fun with parents and kids. Get surprised by the magical lasers and enjoy together with your kids.

Twilight 3

The cuddly turtle has a length of 14 inches and a width of 6 inches. The Twilight Turtle runs on three AAA batteries, which are not included. After 45 minutes the lights of the turtle turns off, with this system you can save the housing of the battery. Furthermore, a guide star is included, as a result your child will easily learn the 8 projected constellations. This turtle is not only cute and educativel, it also has a calming and relaxing effect. Is a fact, this Turtle is a must have! Your children will be happy when they go to sleep. Bedtime will be joyfull and relaxing!

Twilight 4Features Twilight Turtle

  • Projects stars
  • 8 familiar constellations
  • Projects in yellow, blue and green
  • Dimensions: 14 inches x 6 inches
  • Works on 3 AAA batteries (exclusive)
  • Turns off automatically after 45 minutes
  • Includes guide stars- Restful, relaxing, educational


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