My Life Story

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My Life Story: Forget about the little diaries with locks, with the My Life Story you are provided for 100 years of one single diary, and it is also stylish!

Almost everyone used to have a thin, not solid diary with a lock. You were writing in it until you weighted an ounce, and before you knew it you couldn’t write a single word in it anymore. And you had to start with a new one again. This happened through all the years. When you wanted to read them again, it turned out that you lost a few over time. With the My Life Story this won’t happen again. This 1080 pages thick bound book is made to keep memories for a whole lifetime. But that is not all! There a special pages where you can write down specific things down, for example your favorite movie, books and music, 50 things you want to have done during your life and even a map of the world where you can mark places you have visited in. Also there is a page at the end of every year where you can write down highlights and lows, and where you can paste a photo of yourself in. Of course there is enough space left to paste other important things, like concert tickets.And in the very back of the book there are two compartments where you can keep other loose things in. In this way your biography becomes very complete!

My Life Story Mid

There is no lock on it, but no need to hurry that someone reads it without your permission. With measurements of 22.5 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm and discreet cover with golden inscription you can put the My Life Story between your other books in your bookcase. Everyone will think it is one thick, boring tome that isn’t even worth picking up for. Much saver than those old fashion diaries where the locks can be cracked with a paperclip! So what are you waiting for? Save your memories and experiences in style and order this ultimate diary!

My Life Story OnderFeatures of My Life Story:

  • Bound book1080 pages
  • Measurements: 22.5 x 16.5 x 6.5 cm
  • Available in black and beige

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