Microwave Gadgets

A polar bear or slippers for the microwave?! Curious?! Come into our microwave category and find out.
  1. Bacon Popcorn

    Bacon Popcorn

    Salt or sweet popcorn is fun, but if you taste Bacon Popcorn, you’ll never want anything else. Ever.

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  2. Microwave Chips Maker

    Microwave Chips Maker

    We have a special gadget for the crisps lover: The Crisps maker. Make your own batch of fresh Crisps in the microwave.


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  3. Hot feet Magnetron Sloffen deluxe

    Hot Feet - Microwave Slippers

    The worlds first microwavable slippers!Never again cold feet with Hot Feet! The perfect gift!Innovation with 100% natural substance of content (linseed and lavender)

  4. Hot Feet Magnetron Sloffen

    Hot Feet sloffen

    Hot Feet: The cold winter months are around the corner and we have the same trouble again one of the worst things : cold feet!


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  5. Microwave Boiley

    Microwave Boiley

    Microwave Boiley: With this egg boiler for in the microwave you have the perfect solution to enjoy a cooked egg during your busy life.

  6. hot bootz | magnetron laarzen

    Hot Bootz

    Hot Bootz: Win the battle against cold feet with these microwave boots!

  7. Hot Panda

    Microwave Panda Bear

    Microwave Panda Bear: With the Microwave Pada Bear you’ll never have to be cold again. This cute bear will keep you warm with all its love.


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  8. Microwave Polar Bear

    Microwave Polar Bear

    Normaly when you think of a Polar Bear, you will not exactly think about warmth

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    NOW €14.96


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